Pet insurance

We recommend that you insure your pet, to cover the unexpected and make sure that your pet gets the best possible treatment available. We can usually offer you 4 weeks’ immediate cover for your puppy or kitten, free of charge at the time of vaccination.
Advances in veterinary medicine and surgery allow us to help your pet more than ever before, both here by our team of nurses and vets in Llangefni or by referral to specialist centres who can perform advanced diagnostics including CT and MRI scans, as well as advanced treatments.

Many insurers offer a choice of 'Annual' or 'Lifetime' policies. For annual policies the terms of the insurance only stand for 12 months. This means that if your pet is insured on an annual policy and develops a condition for which you need to claim, that condition will be specifically excluded when you come to renew the policy for the next year. This can be a problem for chronic illnesses. Lifetime policies are a little more expensive than annual policies but give you the peace of mind that any illness is covered for life.

There are many different companies offering pet insurance, including PetPlan who we believe offer the most comprehensive and reliable policy. Please note that no insurer will cover your pet for routine procedures such as neutering or vaccination, nor do they cover preventative treatments.