Neutering your dog

The main reason we recommend neutering is because of the medical benefits (see below). It is also the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Neutering will not change your dog's character, but may help to reduce undesirable traits such as aggression and dominant behaviour.

Bitch Spay

We recommend spaying your bitch mainly to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It can also help to prevent medical problems such as breast cancer and womb infections. The operation is often best performed before she has her first season (this does depend on breed of dog, so please ask us for advice). Spaying is best performed around 6 months of age. If your dog has already had a season, we recommend spaying 2 - 3 months after her last season. There is no benefit to letting your bitch have a litter of puppies before neutering (this is a bit of an old wives' tale!).

Dog castration

Castration will protect your dog against testicular tumours, cancer and disease of the prostate gland, cancer of the glands around the anus and hernias in the anal region. Dogs are best castrated between 6 and 12 months of age. After castration, your dog will be less likely to roam and may develop a better temperament.