Microchip implants

If your pet gets lost, wouldn't you want to make sure they had the best chance of coming home?

Microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and are implanted under the skin in a quick and simple procedure. Once implanted, the microchip will remain comfortably in place for life thanks to a special smooth outer coating. Microchips are the most secure form of identification and unlike a collar they cannot be removed or lost. We use premium microchips with a special polymer coating which is ten times stronger than glass microchips. The microchip holds a unique number which can be read using a special scanner used by all vets and rescue centres. The microchip includes a lifelong registration to the Petlog database, allowing the owner's details to be matched to the pet.

If you are considering taking your pet abroad, microchipping is essential, and microchipping is now compulsory for all dogs in Wales.