Pet Health Club

We have a Pet Health Club to help make caring for your pet as easy and cost-effective as possible. For a small monthly fee, collected by interest-free monthly direct debit, we will provide all your pet's flea treatments, worming treatments, vaccinations and other routine preventative healthcare. No matter whether your pet is a fluffy feline or a characterful canine, we have a plan for you! Not only does our plan allow you to spread the cost, but an added benefit is that you make significant savings over the cost of buying the inclusive products separately. The products we have included are those that we believe are the best available. What's not to like!

Healthy dog and cat hug
  • Rabbit, £7.80 per month
  • Cat, £12.50 per month
  • Small dog (under to 10kg), £12.50 per month
  • Medium dog (over 10 to 25kg), £13.50 per month
  • Large dog (over 25 to 40kg), £15.50 per month
  • Giant dog (over 40kg), £20 per month


Remember, if you take advantage of the other features of the plan you can save even more! Contact us or visit to find out more

Please note that the Pet Health Club is not an insurance policy - it is designed to work alongside comprehensive pet insurance to provide a complete healthcare package.