We all know that exercise is good for us, and owning a pet can provide a great opportunity for shared exercise. Walking your dog is a great way to keep healthy yourself, and has been shown to benefit us both physically and mentally.

Check out our walks page for some suggested places to walk your dog on Anglesey and in Gwynedd.

what about cats?

Although not many people take their cat for a walk, there is still plenty you can do to exercise them at home. We have a particularly energetic tabby cat who we will recruit as our cat toy reviewer to let you know which toys have entertained him the most. At the moment, anything with feathers is a big hit - just listen to what he said when we tried to take his favourite toy from him (scroll down to play the recording). Watch this space! In the meantime, the perennial favourite for many cats is a simple empty cardboard box. They seem to love having a warm cave to play in!